The first time I tried Evita Joseph products was their brow pencil and I was instantly in love, from the the packaging to the shade range I wasn’t disappointed at all and now I get to try their brushes.

I received the Evita Joseph brushes a  few weeks ago. My thought was to do a first impressions but  I thought it would be better to do a proper test run of the brushes and see if they were any good and thats what I did.

I tried the brushes every chance I got and used them back to back and washed them as often as I could to see if there would be any shedding.

Evita Joseph brushes are soft and made from synthetic natural hairs and reminds me so much of Mac cosmetic brushes. In this video I share how I use each of the brushes and which ones are my favourite. I recently purchased the Flat edge brush which has been my go to brush for cleaning underneath my brows and I can honestly tell you that I’m not disappointed at all.

  • Face Paint G105
  • Multi Buffer
  • Flat Edge Brush G300
  • Fluffy Blender G280
  • Deluxe Crease G235
  • Deluxe Blender: G275
  • Classic Crease
  • Precision Crease G240
  • Classic Highlighter

I have heard good things about their lip intended and that is the next thing on my list to try. Have you tried any of the Evita Joseph products and which are your favourite?

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