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I wouldn’t really call myself a perfume collector or eager to try out new perfumes, I’m more about, if I smell something really good on someone and it lingers even after seeing them, then I know it’s something I want.

One of that is the @lancome perfume La via est belle which is really sensual and now I’ve added three new scents to my struggle collection of perfumes.

The recent unveiling of the Shiseido flagship brands made me more open to exploring scents that are fresh on the market and having the lasting impression that I desired in a scent.

Elie Saab Perfume “girl of now”

The Elie Saab perfume “girl of now” leaves me reaching for it even after a shower, sweet notes of pineapple and pears bring a fresh young feeling anytime I wear it and the elegance of the fragrance bottle is worth having on your table counter.

Issey Miyake “Pure”

Apart from how beautiful the Issey Miyake perfume in pure is and the architecture of the bottle speaks modern and simplicity in design, the keynotes of jasmine and lily gives me a sense of effortless elegance and an affirmation of self-confidence in being minimal.

Narciso Rodriguez “Fluer Musc”

The Narciso Rodriguez in Fleur Musc has a confident air of luxury, the bottle gives a different vibe of being unassuming in bright pink !! I’m a lover of pink but I like my perfumes in classic bottles. The scent, however, makes up for it outward appearance, a clear case of never judge a book by its cover or in this case perfume. The combination of its keynotes rose, peony and musc gives a unique bold confidence with a hint of luxury.

What perfume strikes a feeling of confidence in you when you wear it?


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  1. ufuomah says:

    Nice article on perfumes. I would say I would prefer to go for perfumes with flowery fragrance.

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