I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my skin and taking out the time to actually care for it. I use makeup regular and its important with all that I load on my skin I try to keep it healthy and looking good to be able to wear more makeup and feel good without makeup as well.

I started trying the blackhead extraction which I do professionally and I have seen the difference in my skin and just how much happier I feel knowing that I can see the results of the process.

However, with that comes with keeping and maintaining healthier skin through good and safe skin care products. I have tried a lot of different products but lately, I found how well my skin has been responding to the Neutrogena Acne stress control toner, I have seen how less I breakout because it really gets into my skin.

Nitrogen Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Toner

I also love using the Oil-free acne wash which I had used but because I didn’t get good results I felt it wasn’t doing much for my skin, but with the extraction processes I noticed how well it really helps reduce oil in my skin without over-drying. I also can’t resist the beautiful smell of the grapefruit.

Nitrogen Oil-Free Acne Wash

I usually follow up with a very light moisturiser but I really had to share the Simple eye makeup remover because It really helped in taking off my makeup around my eyes which is a very sensitive part. I love how my eyes don’t hurt or feel the slight burn like with most eye makeup remover.

Simple Kind to Eyes Makeup Remover

I’m still working on my skin and for someone with acne prone skin, I keep looking for products that will help improve my skin texture as well as get rid of blackheads which are my two major issues. What skincare products are you using and how are they working out for you?


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