My 3 Breakfast Choices

I’m not much of a cook and breakfast isn’t really my favourite meal to have, I tend to feel its too early but a few months ago when I started eating healthy and working out 5 times a week sometimes 4 but consistently, I started to pay more attention to what I was eating and that meant I had to cut out some foods that obviously wasn’t serving any purpose and being more deliberate to eating breakfast and having healthy options.

Don’t get me wrong I occasionally have cheat days but more often than I would have thought, I make the effort to pick wisely.

Like I said breakfast isn’t my favourite meal but its a really important one that helps me set the right tone for all the other meals I would have throughout the day. I found that when I had something to eat for breakfast I made an effort to be mindful of what I ate at lunch or even dinner and when  I didn’t, I found myself eating much more and far less healthy meals.

I’m not much of a cook either and when it comes to breakfast I’m about quick and easy and that works well for me.

Something Cold

When I don’t have time to make anything I usually grab a bowl of my favourite cereal with low-fat milk.

My go-to cereal is Alpen No added sugar, one thing I like about it is that it has oats and nuts and working for a health company had made me realise the benefits of nuts in your diet. There are tons of article that would tell you why food high in fibre is good for weight loss and this has a lot of it and not to forget the dried fruits which have natural sweeteners. From my experience, the natural sugars you get from fruits help reduce the craving for artificial ones such as soda and I have cut down on soda’s a lot.

I’m getting a little fussy with being healthy and I tend to measure a cup of my cereal in my bowl and even the milk (I know its a bit extra but it helps me be on the check so I don’t go overboard)

Alpen cereal with some extra raisin


Something Warm

Usually, when I have time, I put in a little more effort and oat porridge is my favourite to actually have in the morning and if you grew up with Quaker Oats you just tend to stay there. I usually have mine with chopped fruits and sometimes a sprinkle of raisin and some low-fat milk.

My choice in fruits usually is between a banana, pear or apple. I tend to enjoy the crunch that comes with apples.

Oats with Pears


Something Spicy

I love my eggs and sometimes just a bit too much and being Nigerian we tend to have almost everything spicy. I usually have two scrambled eggs with one, ok ok two slices of wheat bread.

I really try to get my eggs filled up and stuffed and I especially love dicing some lightly steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and mushrooms with a few dices of chill peppers, this works well as its a cheat way to getting some vegetables in.

Eggs with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and mushrooms

Occasionally I try other new things and I will share them with you, but I would like to know what you eat for breakfast?


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  1. Rukky says:

    Very nice and insightful post…

  2. healthy living is always the way to go

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