Hi there beauty lovers, my name is Vwarhe, but for those of you trying to figure out how to pronounce it I’ll make it easier.. It’s pronounced “Y-Ray”, yes I said it Y-Ray!! But everyone calls me Ray. My background (Career wise) is somewhat different from the path that I seem to have found myself on, I mean, with a bachelors and Masters degree in Civil engineering, one would think that I would be in a construction company, designing buildings and complex structures, but here I am combining business development and Makeup artistry.

However, if you look at it from my point of view, Makeup artistry is a form of design. From selecting the right foundation to the perfectly arched brows, etc… one would say it’s construction all in itself.


My dad said to me a while back that having a formal education is no guarantee that you would find yourself in that field, the education tends to be a stepping stone to get you closer to knowing what you really want to do with your life. So in that quest to find my passion, I decided to learn the art of makeup (we all know the joy the beauty transformation can bring), and I don’t think from that point on I have stopped learning and working hard to become a better MUA (Make Up Artist). It has been four years since then and not once have I thought of handing in my brushes.

With this passion and countless hours watching other MUA’s on YouTube, I decided to start my own channel, creating looks and sharing with other makeup enthusiast. It has been amazing sharing what I know and also learning for a community that is strongly bonded by this passion and compulsive desire to get their hands on every product out there (lol).

I hope you join me on this journey, let’s learn, share tips and tricks and explore this wonderful world of beauty.