For the longest time I have wanted to try the Nars Foundation and Concealer and when the opportunity came I asked a friend picked up some of Nars products for me from Sephora as it had been on my list of products to try.

I didn’t know my foundation shade prior to this but tried to get matched using findation, an online platform that allows you to select various products that you have tried and matches you to the shade range in different brands. So I asked for New Guinea and Trinidad but he could only get New Guinea. I also got some of their radiant creamy concealer which I’ve been dying to try in Amande and Caramel.

Nars Foundation

Nars Concealer in Amande and Caramel

In this video, I try out the foundation and even though it’s slightly ashy on my skin it worked fine after using powder and using the concealer I can’t say I don’t love the creamy concealer, I find the Colourpop no filter concealer to be creamier and easy to work with. Even though Nars is slightly expensive and I didn’t get my perfect shade I still feel its a brand worth try. However, I do love how lightweight the foundation is.


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