Nudes Please- Zaron cosmetics Lipstain

Nudes Please!! Yes if you know me well you sure know that I love nude lips for every look, but when Zaron Cosmetics sent me  a gift bag with some of their new products I didn’t think the lip stains  would be colours I wanted to try but to my greatest surprise It was 4 gorgeous shades of nude lip stains and I was literally over the moon doing the Shaku Shaku dance.

I’m obsessed with nude lips and I can’t stop buying them, even when I’m picking out products I always seem to gravitate towards nudes  but I’m going to be trying bolder colours too (wink).



One thing I love about these lip stains is that they are soft matte  lip stains that don’t leave your lips feeling like concrete. I also did try them and found that they were easy to wipe off without too much fuss. Its fair to say that Zaron is slowly taking over the makeup industry with new product ranges and expanding their existing line.

1: Cookie   2: Lipp’d    3: Buttercub    4:Whipp’d

Price: N3340







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