Sleek Blushes

When I started of buying makeup I could at one point only afford the Sleek blush after trying my hands on different brand I forgot how great and how well the Sleek Blushes severed me and still severing me. One thing I love about the Sleek Blush is that they are all highly pigmented and has such a sleek packaging…read more

UberChic Ville

I recently got sent some products from Uberchic Ville and when I received the products I was amazed by the beautiful and elegant packaging. Simple but classy. I got sent a pair of lashes and loose glitters and also their pressed glitters Now I'm sure that when you think of the fact that there's is Uber in it most of us…read more


Hi guys, I recently got sent the YangaBeauty Browlution -brow solution, and from my Instagram post you could see I couldn't wait to try them. So I've had a couple of days to try it out and I love the feel and the precision of the brow pencil. Ive tried different brow pencil and this gives a really nice matte…read more