Hi guys, I recently got sent the YangaBeauty Browlution -brow solution, and from my Instagram post you could see I couldn’t wait to try them.


So I’ve had a couple of days to try it out and I love the feel and the precision of the brow pencil.

Ive tried different brow pencil and this gives a really nice matte feel, unlike some brow pencil that have that oily texture after application this leaves my brows matte and natural.

One  thing I like about this pencil is the fact that you can create really natural looking brows with little or no effort to your strokes.

The packaging of the pencil reminds me of the Brow Whiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills but this is definitely a bargain when compared to the price. I appreciate the effort in adding a spoolie which makes it easy for me to comb through my brow as I fill it in and I can’t say I am upset with the price either as I feel its fairly priced at N4500


I tend to use this when I want to keep my brows soft and in my other post I compared it with other brands in Nigeria that have brow products.

Ratings 5/5

Cost: N 4500


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