Brows – Powder, Gel, Pencil- Comparing three Nigerian brands

Brows are such a huge deal in makeup and for some a means to just express themselves, I for one love natural brows and very soft makeup and I love trying out new products that can give me the look that I want when creating natural brows. Most times I try using a combination of products to deliver the kind of brows that I want.

The Zaron Brow definer is new to me, not to say I haven’t tried out powder but not just the Zaron one. This palette has it all but I tend to use the powder, it also comes with a gel  and concealer so basically this could be the only brow product you have in your kit. I love the powder and use it in combination with my Hegai and Esther brow gel just to fill in the areas where I have little or no hair.

The Hegai and Esther was revolutionary for me in terms of consistency and pigmentation, I can tell you that this product really is worth its buck, I love using this gel with an angled brush and trust me when I say a little goes a long way. I have had this gel product for over a 5 months and for its price it sure can last. I tend to use it when I want a more defined brows but not on days I want softer brow. I use the shade Nubia which works really well for my skin tone but they have 3 different shades.

The Yangabeauty brow pencil is another amazing product. I just can’t stop gushing over the sleek packaging of the pencil and how much of a great product it is. I tend to use this a lot when I really don’t want overly draw on brows and want that really natural brow look.  I’m sure if you check my previous post you would see that I have reviewed this product and in my Makeup Haul video repurchased it cus of how amazing it is.


What Nigerian brands for brow have you tried ?


Zaron : 3/5

Hegai and Esther 3/5

Yangabeauty : 4/5


Zaron:₦ 1725

Hegai and Esther:₦ 2500

Yangabeauty:₦ 4500


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  1. Rukky says:

    I have tried H&E and Zaron,

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