I absolutely love brows and in my previous post on comparing three Nigeria brands, you would see that I’m more into soft brow that aren’t overly drawn, and finding products that I can use to achieve this is always exciting.

I got sent the Evita Joseph brow pencil and thought to give it a try before coming on here to review, I had a go at this brow pencil for a couple of days and tried it both on myself and other people to see how it turned out and I absolutely have to give this brow product an A+.



The EJ brow pencil is a sleek retractable brow pencil, these kind of pencils can be a bit tricky if you’re trying out retractable pencils for the first time, its important to just push out a small amount of it as if its too long pressure can make it break and that would a great loss.

I got sent two shades of the EJ brow pencils and they are in the shades “chestnut and “midnight drop” I tried out the chestnut and it is such a pigmented shade of brow that can work on a wide range of skin tones to create natural brows and with a little pressure can create even darker strokes.

I love the matte finishing of this brow pencil as most times some brow pencils give a waxy  look and that can generally look weird  in pictures.

I was so excited I had to find the retail as this will be debuting in a lot of my videos and it retails for N3,500 and for a product that doesn’t give an ashy or waxy feel, I have no problems spending that much on a great product.

I have also tried their brushes which I think are amazing , Have you tried any of the Evita Joseph products?

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  1. EJ Asare says:

    It’s our promise to give you world class product that is easy to find and at a competitive rate

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