Lately the weather has been insane and this is no exaggeration, 31 degrees is no joke!! and for me its made wearing foundation a bit uncomfortable. I have oil skin and for those of us that may have acne this can be a bit irritating on the skin.

Some days  my face get itchy from having makeup on for too long  and that is a complete no no. So I popped into a local beauty supply store and got me the L.A Girl BB Cream in Deep.

Everyone is familiar with L.A Girl Cosmetics, they have produced a range a amazing beauty products that you can be sure to find in almost any girls makeup bag and at a very good price. I for one I’m in love with the L.A pro concealer  and a few of their lip products like the Glaze Lip Paint.

L.A Girl is also in Nigeria, or at least they have a major distributor of L.A Girl products in Nigeria located in trade fair. If you are in doubt you can check L.A Girl USA site and their address will pop up so this makes it easy to trust what they are selling.

So enough ranting and straight to the BB Cream. This light weight tinted moisturiser has been my go to when I’m not in the mood to have a full face of makeup and still want to look decent when I do go out.


I love the tube packaging and it makes it easy to slip in my makeup purse. I love the fact that my skin can actually breathe through it but this won’t hold up the whole day as I do have oily skin. I tend to use blotting paper to help reduce the oils.  As a tinted moisturiser you won’t get the coverage you want if you have blemishes that you want to hide but you can always lightly go in with a little concealer to help with that problem. I could definitely get used to using it on a daily if I had to go out.

Have you tried this brand of of bb cream or any other and what did you think?

Rating :2.5/5

Price: ₦ 3,500




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