Si Giorgio Armani perfume has been my favourite perfume from the day a friend of mine called me to go grab a bottle and I did with no questions asked and I have not regretted it.


Si Giorgio Armani


Si Giorgio Armani perfume is simply captivating in all of its essences from its very sophisticated bottle to the first encounter with the fragrance, giving you the feel of what every woman should smell like even after a day of being a boss and running the world.

Si Giorgio Armani Perfume 100ml

Si captures the full essence of a woman, chic, intense and soft. The blackcurrant nectar, a heart of freesia and Rose of Mai, with a musky blond wood base leaves you engulfed in your own self, wanting to hold yourself. it allows you to feel both strong and feminine.

I am running a bit low on it and only use it now on special occasions as I don’t want to be left without it in my collection.  Have you tried this perfume and what are your thoughts?

A perfume is more than an extract it is a presence in abstraction. A perfume, for me, is a mystique

– Giorgio Amani-


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