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When I started of buying makeup I could at one point only afford the Sleek blush after trying my hands on different brand I forgot how great and how well the Sleek Blushes severed me and still severing me.

One thing I love about the Sleek Blush is that they are all highly pigmented and has such a sleek packaging and they have been true to catering to both light and ebony skin.

SLEEK BLUSH- Pomegranate

This blush is gorgeous and the consistency is so smooth, I love the deep plum colour and the hint of gold. This works for very dark skin to even light skin and its one of my favourite blushes.  I usually would go for this blush for days I don’t feel like applying highlighter because of the shimmers in it.


This blush is suitable for those that really can’t stand to wear blush or don’t want red roses cheeks, I tend to find myself pulling this blush when I really want a very natural look but yet a little colour to my cheeks, its light and not powdery.


This berry blush just works, I think this was my first ever blush that I got from sleek and I abused it constantly, unlike the pomegranate there isn’t a hint of gold in it but still applies beautifully.

If you’re looking for a bargain then I would recommend the Sleek Cosmetics Blush I have two others but wanted to share something that would work perfectly for dark skin. There is a Sleek studio in Lagos and I think it retails for about N1250.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Great review! You said it all I would recommend this brand any day to all my coloured ladies out there. Sleek is so pigmented and a big plus is that it doesn’t break one’s piggy bank. I have a few sleek trio eyeshadow and eyeshadow palettes decided to give a few away because they were way to pigmented.

  2. Jenna says:

    Love Sahara it’s in my everyday make up bag 😉

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