I have seen lots of different posts on Taking stock which a friend of mine introduced me to (Stephanie) and thought it was an amazing idea, she had seen it on This is Ess Blog and thought it would be a great way to share and live in the moment.

For me I looked through what I could share that could be my “living in the moment” kinda post and I saw the gratitude project, its basically sharing things in the month that you are grateful for and I thought to share my first post on this.



I’m grateful for life, we all get caught up with just now and everything going on that we forget that life is so fragile and can slip through your hands, I had an amazing neighbour that was like a mini dad away from home and we laughed and checked up on each other and he was such a delight, on one of my business trips I had gotten a call from another neighbour and had been told that on a Monday morning while I was in a meeting he had suffered from a heart attack and passed on. I broke down instantly and was filled with so much confusion, I saw him Saturday evening and had left town on a Sunday only to be shocked by this news.

It still shocks me till today that someone that you see everyday could be gone so quickly without any goodbye and that is painful. I know how I felt so I could only imagine how his kids felt. We are here only by the grace of God and for that we have to be thankful for life and for the lives of family and friends


I’m grateful for my family, I come from a really large family (2 brothers and 4 sisters) and they are simple the most amazing people ever. Yes we fight and argue (who doesn’t) but mostly because we love each other so much. They are funny and just plain crazy, My sister Rukky and I can literally call each other up and just spend hours saying nothing but just singing oldies and laughing our brains out, Efe is such a sweet heart and is so cuddly she’s my little big sis, her heart is warm and fuzzy. My younger brother is so quiet and such a sweet person. I have such an amazing family and I love how close we are, we have no secrets cus you can’t tell Efe something and Rukky won’t hear, its like the Chinese whispers with them and I love it.

these are the things I’m grateful for and as the month unfolds I’m sure there will be more for me to share but this is my gratitude project.

what are some of the things that you’re grateful for, share in the comment section . xoxo

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  1. Fiyin says:

    – family
    -peace of mind
    -good health
    and many other things.

  2. Dienye says:

    Oh wow Ray this is rily amazing I must say..
    Hmmm,i am grateful for a whole lot of things. I’m grateful for a beautiful life, good health, wonderful family, an amazing Husband and a very peaceful marriage bt above all i’m grateful for the Salvation of my soul. Last year 2016 I got to understand what it means to truly have a rship with God and put God first before anythn else. I’m grateful for the journey that God is taking me on,I am grateful for the woman that God is transforming me into and i’m grateful for the woman that I wil when God is done.

    • vw@rhe1 says:

      Thank you for sharing your gratitude project. I pray that God Continues to transform you and make you the woman that you are destined to be. Love you

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