UberChic Ville

I recently got sent some products from Uberchic Ville and when I received the products I was amazed by the beautiful and elegant packaging. Simple but classy.

I got sent a pair of lashes and loose glitters and also their pressed glitters

Now I’m sure that when you think of the fact that there’s is Uber in it most of us would simple think of the taxi app but just incase you don’t know Uber means – denoting an outstanding example of … and in this case thats what it is simply made to perfection.

The way the UberChic Ville glitters sparkle is absolutely divine, I don’t think my camera did it justice and I’m a little obsessed with the names which I think are just cute.

Pressed Glitter in Heart beat and Gidi Lights

Loose Glitters in Jade and Oga Madam

I love how Jade sparkles but I’m crazy about the name Oga Madam, on their site you can find really cute names like “Chairlady” “Ologe” and “Gold digger” lol really nice and cute.

I got the whisper lashes which really have a natural look to it, but if drama is your thing they have other styles that can work like “bombshell” and “Arewa”.

Oh I forgot to mention, they have fabulous accessories too so if your not into makeup then check out their amazing Chic fashion finds on their site

Rating:  5/5


Pressed Glitter: N750

Loose Glitter: N1,200

Lashes: N2000

Maybe its a great time for a glitter inspired look, what do you guys think?


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  1. Rukky says:

    Oga madam and gidi lights are bae

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