Affordable fashion in Black and White

I’m all about affordable fashion, my style is usually more casual and that because I like to feel comfortable in everything I wear.

You can’t go wrong with black and white and I’ve been loving these jeans that I got a while ago from a store in lagos called VanityLagos and being Friday I paired it with a H&M white shirt  and also wore a trade by bater heels I got from my sister which I absolutely love for a very casual feel.

My Job is pretty flexible so sometimes I get to work from home and switching my  locations is one of the perks so when I’m on the go I tend to grab my Primark Satchel bag which fits my laptop and documents.



What would you be doing this weekend?


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  1. Jenna says:

    Your hair looks very nice hun! Love the look especially them heels they look really nice unfortunately I have very wide feet and this kind of sandels either don’t fit or are way too uncomfortable meaning that I have to drag a second pair along with me and end up wearing them a few hours after wearing the first pear. I’ll be studying, doing some cooking and if I can write a few blog post. Have a lovely weekend God bless

    • vw@rhe1 says:

      I also have big feet but still manage to find some nice pairs of shoes. This weekend I will be resting since I have a cold and Hopefully try and film a look.

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